If you're struggling with any symptoms like...

  • Irregular or absent periods

  • Wild PMS symptoms like cravings, mood swings, fatigue, or anxiety

  • Fatigue, feeling like you can't survive without caffiene throughout the day 

  • Unexplained weight gain No matter what you do, the scale won't budge

  • Low Libido you are just never in the mood

  • Irritability  Everyone is getting on your nerves

  • Super heavy or painful periods

This group was made for you.


By Casey Farlow, MPH, RDN, CLT

  • Access to Casey's hormone healing course.

  • With a step-by-step recipe guide.


  • Weekly Zoom Calls

    Personalized coaching on our client portal.

  • Weekly Check in


    With Casey to hold you accountable.


  • Supplement Starter Kit

    Supplement starter kit sent to your inbox.

  • Private Group

    Constant contact with Casey and your group during the week.

  • Hormone + Gut Testing Available

    Options available to add on any hormone or gut health testing

Client Testimonials

Mango Group

Alexis M.

"I'm down 40 pounds!  Not only have I lost weight, but my energy is tremendously better, my brain fog is gone, and my anxiety is significantly less!


Casey's program gave me my body and more importantly, my life back!"

Strawberry Group

Sammy H.

"My bloat is gone, I have so much energy, I'm sleeping through the night again, and my mood is so much better!"

Strawberry Group

Michelle H.

“My sleep and stress management have improved so much!  I'm actually sleeping through the night now! My PMS is gone and my periods are so much easier to manage.


I know this sounds dramatic, but your program was truly life changing”

Star Fruit Group

Holleigh N.

“I've done many programs for weight loss and this is by far the best!


I struggled with gut issues my whole life and I'm happy to say I don't have any gut symptoms and I've lost 12 pounds!"

Virtual Group Program FAQs

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Can I cancel at anytime?

Is there a Facebook Support Group?

How often is the training updated?

How long does it take to go through?

Do I get one on one support?

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